Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl & Super Tuesday

Chet Lee and I arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday morning and proceeded to drink too much, gamble too much and lose a lot of cash. I drank more beer on Sunday than I've drank in the last 2 or 3 months combined.

We both put our money on the Patriots because we thought they would win in a blowout, and even though we lost our money it was good to see the Patriots lose. As far as the commericals, I didn't see many of them... During commericals I either played video poker or was in the restroom.

Yes, I am supporting Hillary Clinton. I like Obama a lot, and if he wins the nomination I will gladly support him. But right now I think Hillary has the tools to best run this country. It was no surprise that at tonight's caucus I was the only african american supporting Hillary in my precinct. A couple of the black women supporting Obama looked at me suspiciously, but maybe they didn't see the Joint Center poll (conducted for AARP) which said Clinton had an 83% favorable rating among blacks.

That being said, Obama supporters were out in force tonight and easily dominated the caucus event I attended. All of this enthusiasm made me wonder if Obama is the new Oprah?


Lonestar said...

Election season is upon us! For anyone who plans to vote for Hillary, or Barrack for that matter, if elected be prepared for "Hillary Care" or some other form of "universal health care" or socialized medicine. The current Democratic Party model would mirror health care in Canada and parts of Europe. This is a timely subject for me, as my father who is US Army retired and a Vietnam Veteran is currently suffering through one of the current forms of universal health care we already have in the US, the Veterans Administration (VA). He has been sick at home in need of gall bladder removal surgery for well over a month, with still no date for his surgery set. Anyone with private health insurance in the same condition would have the old gall bladder out in a matter of days. The surgery is also very simple and fast, with no hospital stay required in most cases. The VA has talented Dr.'s, but the government run health care system that is meant to give veterans "free" health care is failing him. Do we want a VA, or Medicare/Medicaid type system for the whole country? I certainly do not. If I was in my father's position, I may have already missed over a month of work. That would be tough with a family to support. Please view the videos on the following link http://www.freemarketcure.com/brainsurgery.php. The first one, and others, give good insight on the plight of many Canadians under government run health care. Another video reveals the truth behind the numbers associated with the "uninsured crisis" in the US. The current US health care system may not be perfect, but it is better than what anyone else has.

RW said...

I have to argue that the state of the VA is a product of the current administration, and not necessarily what government run healthcare would look like under either Clinton or Obama. For those who have nothing, government run is better than nothing.
And the current run system is NOT better than what anyone else has. See SICKO.

Lonestar said...

W is not perfect, but blaming him for everything that goes wrong in this country is just unimaginative. The Democrats have been in charge of the House and Senate for over a year now and have accomplished virtually nothing. W will probably get the blame for that too, but somehow his approval rating is still higher. I guess when you have the lowest Senate approval rating in history that is not hard though. The best way to give the VA a good shot in the arm (pun intended) is to give veterans a choice. Let them go to civilian doctors and hospitals. The limited number of VA facilities and the inefficient structure of that system have contributed to its problems. Let veterans go where they want, and pay them back. If anyone should have their health care paid for by our tax dollars, it is these men and women. If not for them, we wouldn't be able to use our American entrepreneurial spirit to earn enough money to allow the government to grow fat off of those tax dollars. If Barrack and Hillary are so good at this, then why don't they help make socialized medicine work in Canada, Britain or France to name a few? The thing about the British having bad teeth is more than a stereotype. Dentistry is run by the government there too. SICKO? Yea, the Cubans have a great health care system! Fidel doesn’t even use that crap. Cubans can make more money driving cabs and getting tips than being doctors. Fear of being without universal health care certainly has not stopped Cubans from building boats out of pickup trucks. I think your average Cuban is more afraid of being thrown in prison for being a dissenter, or gay. In this country, dissenters get their own HBO shows. On second thought, maybe we CAN learn something from Fidel, just joking. The best film moment of Michael Moore's career was when his puppet turned into a suicide bomber in "Team America". By the way, my father will finally get his surgery on Friday, but only after two more trips to the emergency room, two days in the hospital, and serious gall bladder inflammation with possible infection. Scared anyone? Curtis, sorry for using your blog for my rants. Maybe I will start my own blog.