Sunday, December 7, 2008

Me versus Me

Morrissey has released details about his forthcoming album, Years of Refusal. The album hits stores in February 2009 (I can't wait!).

So it's been a busy week. school, school, school! What a pain in the ass, but I suppose it's a necessary evil. I seem to always run out of steam near the end of semesters, and this semester is no different. I've been working on my mental toughness, but I seem to psychologically self destruct, then crank out work/ideas/solutions when the pressure is on. Problem is, those last minute fixes can be either a work of art or total disaster. Guess I'm still a work in progress...

Grammy nominations came out this past week. I use to care, now I just glance at the nominees to see if anyone cool is up for anything, and to see whose been nominated in categories like the best traditional Folk and best traditional Blues albums. NIN is nominated for best instrumental album (or something like that), Heavy D is up for best Reggae album, and Radiohead, Beck, and Coldplay are also nominated for awards. I miss the days when Michael Jackson was always nominated for something, and we watched the Grammy's with curious anticipation.

Finally, this week's album of the week is a delightful soundtrack and one that has sounded really great during the last few days. If you have this album, I'd recommend you dust it off and give it a spin. As for the film itself... It wasn't bad. I wonder how it would hold up now since I haven't seen it in several years. I remember that it wasn't as good as The Brothers McMullen, and if I remember correctly, She's the One was sort of a sequel to that one...

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