Sunday, November 22, 2009

My weekend of (new & unreleased) films

Friday, November 20, Special Screening at the Bug Theatre
Merlove C+
A documentary about Merlot wine and a humorous response to the film Sideways. An interesting look into the world of wine, wine making, etc... but it's about 20-30 minutes too long.

Saturday, November 21, Starz Denver Film Festival
Orgasm, Inc. A
Perhaps the best documentary I've seen all year. This is an eye opening look at the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA approved Viagra equivalent for women. Highly recommended if it ever achieves wide release.

Hick Town B+
This is another highly entertaining documentary that will benefit from more editing (essentially reducing its running time from 132 minutes). Hick Town is all about John Hickenlooper during the volatile and exciting summer of 2008 which saw the DNC invade the Mile High City. The director of the film is none other than George Hickenlooper- award winning filmmaker and cousin of John Hickenlooper.

The Young Victoria C
A syrupy historical romance that is neither original or extraordinary, but it's good enough to keep you in your seat.

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