Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Still Here - Movie Review

I'm Still Here (NR) 108 minutes INCOMPLETE

Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck

Back when I thought this documentary was real (for a week after I saw it) I was going to give it a solid "B". I thought it was a striking exposé of a troubled and tortured soul, not too mention the crazy beard, whores, blow and excrement- pure entertainment!

But now that I hear it was all a hoax, I'm not sure what to think... Much like the Blair Witch Project circa 1999 and the Crying Game in 1992, this film was better when I didn't know the "secret". Nevertheless Joaquin Phoenix deserves credit for such a convincing performance, many of us truly believed he was really that f*cked up. Touché.

Read more about this hoax at Chicago Robert Ebert's Journal

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