Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm Doin' Me Before the World Ends (Music Reviews)

First Impression Music Review Drake - Thank Me Later A-
Release Date: June 2010
Full disclosure: Before I heard this album my only exposure to Drake was that catchy Sprite commercial where he's in the studio, not feeling the flow, he drinks a Sprite and his face, body and mind explodes into a gushing, carbonated wave of lemon-lime refreshment and rejuvenation- "Last name Ever/first name Greatest".

Later I noticed Thank Me Later was racking up good reviews, both Time and Rolling Stone magazines hailed it as one of the top ten albums of the year. Yet, despite the warm critical reception I was still skeptical of the unknown mainstream artist. Especially since the rap game doesn't excite me like it use too.

But to my surprise, Drake, once the star of a teen television drama called Degrassi: The Next Generation, has delivered one of my favorite albums of the year. One that I've been bumpin in my car nonstop. It started as a grower and has blossomed into a bonafide mainstay in my rotation.

The review stated that Drake "sings or raps the word I 410 times on his debut album. Even in the realm of hip-hop-- a style famous for its unswerving solipsism-- this is a feat." However, a little self indulgence isn't so bad when you have something worth saying, something that connects with a lot of people on a humanistic level. That bond is part of what hooked me along with a refreshing vulnerability and lush, atmospheric beats that rarely grandstand like another highly praised hip hop album I reviewed a few weeks ago. Thank Me Later is worth being thankful for now!

Favorite Tracks - Fireworks, Karaoke, Over and Fancy,28804,2035319_2034644_2034627,00.html

Pernice Brothers - The World Won't End B
Release Date: June 2001
The World Won't End is vintage Pernice Brothers; smart, sympathetic lyrics wrapped in acute reflection and observations. At first listen it's not as accessible as later releases but ultimately very rewarding. More than just a sad sack record, Pernice proves once again he's one of the best songwriters of our generation.

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