Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leftovers Never Tasted So Good! (Music Review)

First Impression Music Review
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - III/IV B+
Release Date: Dec 14, 2010
 I own several Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown albums and this collection of leftovers from the 2007 Easy Tiger sessions is among his best work. Just when I was afraid Adams might be going soft he released a metal album (2010's Orion) and delivers this gem-  a catchy pop album that holds together surprisingly well over the course of 21 tracks.
Billed as a "double-album concept rock opera" (tongue-firmly-tucked-in-cheek), III/IV is Demolition meets Gold with a little Rock N Roll thrown in. A single disc opposed to the two would've been a full blown masterpiece but as it stands I'm not complaining.

Favorite Tracks -"Numbers", "Gracie", "Breakdown into the Resolve", "Dear Candy" and "Icebreaker"

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