Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Queen of Versailles - Movie Review

The Queen of Versailles (PG) 100 minutes A-
There is no limit to what money can do for and to a man

Starring David Siegel and Jackie Siegel

When it comes to this documentary, you will probably hear it described as a "riches to rags" story.  Yet, more importantly, this film teaches us two things:  1) Money can buy you love, albeit, love that is addicted to spending.  2) Always have a plan B.  

The Queen of Versailles is what film critic Noel Murray so brilliantly described as a "gawk-doc."  I couldn't stop gawking at the embarrassment of riches (among other things).  David Siegel was a man of extraordinary wealth and power.  His curvy wife, a 43 year-old former beauty queen (he is 74 years-old), and their 8 children live in an Orlando mansion that spans 26,000 square feet, with 17 bathrooms, countless pets, an army of maids/nannies, and lots of chaos.  The film documents their fall from grace, and you almost feel sorry for them... almost.  

Director Lauren Greenfield won the Documentary Directing Award for this film at Sundance last January.  Highly recommended. 

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