Sunday, November 11, 2012

Starz Denver Film Festival Reviews

Due to my busy schedule I only saw three films at this year's festival.   Here's a brief rundown: 

Supporting Characters A-
Directed by Daniel Schechter
Two friends attempted to balance work, love and life in a film that feels very authentic. 

Struck By Lightening B-
Directed by Brian Dannelly
An impressive outing for Chris Colfer (Glee), who wrote the script and stars in the film.  Struck By Lightening recounts the miserable life of a teenager whose only goal in life was to be a writer. 
Video on Demand - Late December, Theatrical Release - Mid January

The Shape of Error D+
Directed by Abigail Child
This is a dramatization of the life of Mary Shelley.  Shelley herself is an interesting figure, but this film is too busy and ultimately too frustrating to care about.    

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