Sunday, May 26, 2013

Frances Ha - Movie Review

Frances Ha (R) 86 mins  A
Something about Greta

Starring: Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner, Michael Esper, Adam Driver and Michael Zegen

Sometimes I like a film so much it's hard to explain why.  I could tell you how it mirrors real life, albeit in a cutesy and comedic sort of way.  Or, how Greta Gerwig is absolutely fantastic and surely the new queen of indie film.  John Anderson, of the Wall Street Journal, called Frances Ha a "Brooklyn hipster's version of Woody Allen's Manhattan." Sara Vilkomerson, senior writer at Entertainment Weekly said the film was "kind of like HBO's Girls without all the nudity."  Both comparisons are fair, but I say this film is playful, charming, delicate and everything I love about the art of film. 
Bonus Home Video Review
Newlyweds (NR) 95 minutes A-
The interuption of everything

Release date: VOD December 26, 2011
Starring: Edward Burns, Kerry BishĂ©, Marsha Dietlein,  Max Baker, Dara Coleman, Johnny Solo, and Caitlin Fitzgerald

Newlyweds is an independent film written and directed by Edwards Burns.  The film was made for $9000.00, and Burns proves once again that one doesn't need a million dollars to make a great film.  Newlyweds is a talky,Woody Allen-esque film about two newlywed couple whose lives are interupted by emotioanlly draining friends and family.

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