Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camera Obscura - Album & Concert Review

Camera Obscura - Desire Lines B-

I read that the band wanted to shake things up a bit on this record.  Desire Lines features guest appearances by Neko Case and My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James.  But, the album can't escape that Camera Obscura sound of breezy tragedy and cutesy hooks.  I loved everything about 2009's My Maudlin Career, including a rockin concert at the Bluebird in June of that year. The bar was high in anticipation of this latest effort which saw a band member beat cancer, a pregnancy, a new location (recorded in Portland) and a new producer-Tucker Martine.  Desire Lines took awhile to win me over and now I am ready to be heartbroken. Favorite tracks: New Year's Resolution, Desire Lines, Troublemaker

Camera Obscura @ the Gothic Theatre  C+
June 27th

The lovely Tracyanne Campbell and company made a tour stop in the mile high city tonight in support of their fifth album, Desire Lines.  A moderate crowd made it easy to get close to the band, get a drink at the bar, and find a seat with a good view.  The show was slightly underwhelming, but they played all my favorites. It felt good to be out on a week night with my best girl, a cold beer, and listening to live music.

2009 Camera Obscura Show

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