Monday, November 11, 2013

Mazzy Star Still Shines Brightly (Concert Review)

Mazzy Star @ the Ogden Theatre 11/10/13 B-

In the dark shadows of the Ogden Theatre, Hope Sandoval's quiet voice, petite figure and ethereal presence reminded me of a shy college freshman more than a 40-something veteran rock star.  Mazzy Star has not toured since 1996, but their stop in Denver last night drew a healthy crowd.  They opened a dreamy 75 minute set with "Look on Down from the Bridge," followed by "Cry Cry" from 1996's Among My Swan. I never expect a band to play a lot of their back catalog when they are supporting new material, so I wasn't surprised that they only played three songs from my favorite Mazzy Star album- 1993's So Tonight I Might See.  However, I was surprised that they played less than half of their new songs from their new album, Seasons of Your Day. Sandoval was not much of a talker, instead they had short non-musical/artful noise interludes that filled the dead air between songs.  Overall, it was a solid show if not a little undemonstrative.

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