Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oh, To Be Young, Pretty, and Über-talented (Book Review)

Published: Janurary 2013
I Will Never Be Beautiful Enough to Make Us Beautiful Together - Mira Gonzalez A-
I was filled with envy and admiration as I read this book. These poems are exquisitely undemanding, organic and naïve. Some of my favorites include:

"Ryan Gosling"
"Untitled 2"
"I can read a novel out loud while you lie on my floor..."
"McSweeney's caused global warming"
"I wrote a novel about you and saved it to my drafts folder"
"It is June and he wants to leave your room"
"You will roll around in an empty parking lot with him..."
"Untitled 5"
"I feel more lonely when I am with people..." 

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