Monday, September 22, 2014

Return to Sender (Album Review)

Released: May 2014
A Letter Home - Neil Young D+

I tend to think of Neil Young as a prolific musical genius.  He has a tendency to go a little rogue (artistically), but that's one of the things that intrigues me.  Before I listening to A Letter Home I was warned (by friends) that the album was a disappointment.  Yet, I was encouraged to check it out because of my affinity for Young and my leanings toward the stripped-down acoustic sound.  After a couple spins, the best way to describe A Letter Home is, "old-timey."  The album, which was recorded in a Voice-O-Graph recording booth, has its moments.  But, there's not enough of those moments to make the album worthwhile.  The snap, crackle and hiss of the recording hampers the music more than helps. The best tracks: My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen cover), Early Morning Rain (Gordon Lightfoot cover) and Girl From the North Country (Bob Dylan cover).

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