Sunday, January 4, 2015

Foxcatcher - Movie Review (Plus a bonus review of Skeleton Twins)

Foxcatcher (R) 129 mins B-
Dark, Intriguing, and Hard to Swallow

If you don't remember how this true crime story unfolded in the 1980s that's okay. I didn't remember and the ending took me by surprise... Not to mention everything that allegedly led up to the tragic end. You don't have to be a fan of wrestling to enjoy Foxcatcher,, but it might help. As intriguing and well-acted as this film is, it still feels a little slow and a little flat.

Skeleton Twins (R) 93 minutes B+
Life in the Suicide Ranks

Sad sack siblings reunite with liberating results. This is not a comedy, but it's funny mixed with sad mixed with harsh reality. Skeleton Twins is quietly one of the most understated films of the year.

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