Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Carrie & Lowell - Album Review

Released March 2015
Carrie & Lowell - Sufjan Stevens A
We're All Gonna Die
I was driving around and listening to Carrie & Lowell, the latest album from Sufjan Stevens. I felt like I was in a cool indie film and the music was my soundtrack-introspective, beautiful and bittersweet. However, the autobiographical narrative of the album is not so whimsical. Titled after his mother and stepfather, Stevens' mother apparently battled mental illness and died of cancer in 2012.

Carrie & Lowell made me think of my mother and her mortality- it affected me, it made me feel less alone - and that's what great art does.

Favorite tracks: Death with Dignity, Should Have Known Better, All of Me Wants All of You, Fourth of July, The Only Thing, and Carrie & Lowell

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