Saturday, October 24, 2015

Legerdemain - Album Review

Released October 2015
Legerdemain - Duncan Sheik C
We get it, you liked the 80s. However...

I've been a Duncan Sheik fan since his debut album in 1996. I've seen him live a few times and I own all of his albums. Legerdemain, his latest effort, is the most underwhelming album he has ever made. Much has been said about his use of technology on this record- It's all over blown. The synths, the keyboards, the drum machines, all sound tired and too familiar. There are a handful of songs I dig, but the rest is surprisingly uninspired. That said, "Warning Light" was the only song I loved right away. It sounds like a 1980s dance floor gem. But, for the most part the strongest tracks are the slow quiet ones near the end of the album. Sheik is a great artist. Legerdemain is not a great album (but I'm still hoping it will grow on me).

Favorite Tracks: Warning LightSo There, Half A Room, No Happy End, and Circling

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