Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arranging Time - Album Review

Arranging Time - Pete Yorn
Released March 2016

I use to listen to Musicforthemorningafter after the bars closed. It always seemed like a perfect soundtrack for when you're missing someone or something you wish you had. I own every Pete Yorn (solo) album and Musicforthemorningafter is still his best. But, Arranging Time is a solid outing. It's produced by R.Walt Vincent, the same guy who produced Musicforthemorningafter and Day I Forgot. Arranging Time is poppy, breezy and catchy. Some of the tracks ("Lost Weekend," "Roses" & "Walking Up"), I fell in love with instantly. However, as a whole the album doesn't have the same sting as his 2001 debut. Maybe it's because my bar nights are few and far between... Nevertheless, Arranging Time has potential of being one helluva a summer soundtrack. Turn it up!

Music video for "Lost Weekend"

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