Friday, July 22, 2016

Modern Lovers - Book Review

Published May 2016
Modern Lovers - Emma Straub A-

In the 1980s, Andrew, Elizabeth, Zoe and Lydia were in a moderately successful rock band called Kitty's Mustache. Now, over two decades later they are all having a mid-life crisis, except for Lydia. Lydia, the most notable member of Kitty's Mustache, died at age 27 (infamously joining Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and others as part of the 27 Club) after a short but successful solo career.
Andrew and Elizabeth married and had a son, Harry. They live a normal upper middle class life a few doors down from Zoe, Zoe's wife Jane, and their daughter Ruby. The novel starts off fairly typical, but things quickly heat up when the news of a Hollywood bio-pic (think Ray or Walk the Line) about Lydia's life is destined for the big screen. Revisiting Lydia's past means revisiting past secrets and desires. There's also an entertaining side plot about young love affair. Essentially, Modern Lovers is a cool summer novel about the angst of falling in and out of love. It is better and more serious than the lighthearted book cover would have you believe.

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