Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Music Therapy/Book Review

Music Therapy
I'm sitting here listening to music (the newest albums by Lyle Lovett and Son Volt), and the music feels good, it feels soothing. Sometimes there is nothing better than music therapy. I think my soul craves music if I go too long without listening. Tonight this new Lyle Lovett album has finally clicked with me, it's starting to penetrate my being and really consume me. During the last few weeks I've bought or been given new cds by Kanye West, Lyle Lovett, Guru, Talib Kweli, and Snow Patrol (their debut album and supposedly their best album). Due to everything going on I haven't been able to give some of these albums a proper listen yet. But my early impressions are:

Lyle Lovett B- It's been a slow burn but it's growing on me
Talib Kweli B This one grabbed me right away
Guru C This one has it's moments but he can do so much better
Snow Patrol B- This album is a little soft but I keep going back to it
Kanye West B- An interesting album that hasn't quite hooked me yet

Book Review
I finally finished I Can't Believe I'm Still Single by Eric Schaeffer. Schaeffer is forty something, never married and looking for love. He's an actor, director, producer, and writer...he has appeared in such films as Spanglish and One Night at McCools, he also directed If Lucy Fall starring Sarah Jessica Parker, and My Life in Turnaround.

Having met Mr. Schaeffer in person, I can't imagine I will ever meet a "celebrity" as brutally honest and as real as Eric Shaeffer, in his memoir he puts everything on the line for love.

Yes, he's a little eccentric, neurotic, and borderline obsessive compulsive, but he has a good heart and good intentions. He has a lot of problems... but don't we all. This book is funny, sometimes shocking, and never dull. One of my favorites of the year! A


rw said...

what about Kanye West?

Nobo said...

I wish I still bought CDs. I don't listen to too much in album form anymore. Unless that album is on emusic, but even then, somehow it gets tossed around in the itunes shuffle.