Friday, November 16, 2007

In Between Days

I'm back! Sorry about the long pause between postings. We have relocated to a new home and thanks to a snafu by Qwest, we have been without Internet service (at home) for a week. In between moving boxes, unpacking boxes, school and work... I acquired some new music:

Bruce Springsteen - Magic = C
I read a review somewhere that said this album is much more inspired than The Rising (his last rockin album with the E Street band). Well I beg to differ! While The Rising wasn't a masterpiece, it definitely exudes a sense of urgency, not to mention some of Springsteen's most inspired work (Lonesome Day, My City of Ruins). After 3 or 4 listens, Magic has it's moments but generally lacks "magic" as an album thus far.

Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace = B
A pretty good album that I think will only get better. A nice rebound after the overly ambitious double album In Your Honor.

Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II = B-
Neil Young is a great musician, but songs clocking in at 18 and 11 minutes don't really tickle my fancy... at least put them at the end of the album. Ordinary People is a great song that just goes on too long. Beautiful Bluebird and Dirty Old Man are vintage Young.

In other news - I also managed to catch a book signing at the Tattered Cover. Author Stewert O'Nan was pimping his latest novel Last Night at the Lobster. A poignant, blue collar tale about the closing of a Connecticut Red Lobster. It may sound elementary on the surface, but it's supposedly a good read about real people and real situations.

More movie reviews coming soon!

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