Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ear Bleed

Tonight I got what I wanted, cold beer... check!
A rock show that rocked my balls off... check!
So why am I still not satisfied?

Tonight Diddlefinger and I went to the Dinosaur Jr show at the Ogden Theater. It was easily the loudest show I have ever attended. The band rocked! The amps were turned up so loud that you rarely heard any lyrics. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but unless you were a Dinosaur Jr fan, and/or you fancy loud as f*ck guitars, this show was nothing but instrumental guitar noise and ear bleed.

When J and company took the stage around 11pm, they rarely spoke and they rocked the house like they didn't give a sh*t about anyone, anywhere, anyhow. No witty rock star banter, no slow songs, no pretentious bullsh*t. Strictly business... a straight up guitar assault.

The one stand out was Feel the Pain, OMG, they could have played that song 10 times tonight and I would've been happy. It sounded so amazing live. This Is All I Came To Do from the new recorded sounded really good also.

The show had sort of a strange vibe. Having never seen a Dinosaur Jr show I didn't know what to expect, so I didn't expect anything. I respect these guys for doing their thing their way, and even though I enjoyed myself at the show, I walked away feeling a little unsatisfied because I know it could've been better.... better meaning that I would have liked to have heard more vocals. J has a lot to say, so why not let it be heard.

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