Sunday, January 20, 2008

Live from Sundance 08

Tonight I'm reporting live from Sundance 08. So far we have seen some very good films and attended a panel discussion on writing (and rewriting) screen plays. It feels good to be around this much inspiration, and it has motivated me to get my ass in gear and write! Although tonight I'm struggling to find the words. Struggling to articulate my thoughts. I feel empty like I have nothing worth saying. But nevertheless, I figured I'd try and string a few sentences together before I put my head down for the night.

So many of these filmmakers, writers, directors, etc... have spent years of their lives to tell their story. Many times they thought about giving up but they didn't. They were persistent, patient, and some how found support, self-confidence, and/or motivation to not give up. I've told myself that I don't have to be the most talented if I'm persistent and I work really hard at my craft.

More on Sundance 08 later...

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NightRider said...

Sounds like your having a great time.. Give me a call when you get back.. P.S Say hi to Robert R for me. Later Chet.