Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Contenders/Pretenders & My Writing Life

NFL Contenders & Pretenders

N.Y. Giants - I picked this team to finish last in their division, but Eli Manning is the real deal. This team impresses me every week.

Tennessee - Each week I think they will fall, and last weekend they made a statement.

Carolina - When your QB completes less than 30% of his passes, throws 4 interceptions, and you still win... that's a sign that things are gonna go your way.

Pittsburgh - (My preseason AFC Superbowl pick) This team is a contender provided they can pass the IF test. IF they can survive a very tough schedule, IF big Ben can stay healthy, and IF they can win their division (and possible first round bye). Watch the f*ck out!

The AFC East - I basically like all these teams except the Pats. But whomever wins this division has a good chance of being embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs. If I had to choose I'd love to see Miami win the division, but look for the Bills or possibly the Jets to be the great pretender.

Baltimore - Ray Lewis is one of, if not the best defensive player of my lifetime and Flacco has impressed the hell out of me. But ultimately, Lewis is getting too old and Flacco is too young.

Minnesota - They have one of the greatest RB's in the game, but that's all they have.

Denver - If they win the division (at 8-8) the season won't be a total loss. But if they miss the playoffs (at 8-8) will they/should they fire Shannahan?

In Other News
I've been published! But not in the traditional sense of having a byline, etc... I wrote a small article about someone who is near and dear to me... a long time friend and companion.

Some of you will be receiving (hard) copies of the article, but I'm still trying to convince my partner to autograph those copies. I apologize that I am currently unable to post the article here, but I do have scanned electronic copies that I can send at your request.


Mike said...

How do you feel about Indy? Tough start, but big win over Pittsburgh last weekend, and they're getting healthy.

Curtis said...

there's something off about Indy this year, BUT they are a very very dangerous team. They can beat anyone or lose to anyone. If the Broncos win the AFC West I fear they could host Indy in the first round... and if that happens Peyton will make swiss cheese of the Bronco defense.