Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sundance 2010

Well, it was another great year (our 4th in a row) at Sundance. We saw lots of great films and celebrities, but most importantly we saw young filmmakers challenging the status quo and artistically sharing their personal vision through film.

One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises for me was seeing the Joan Rivers documentary, Joan Rivers-A Piece of Work. I've never been a fan but this film caused me to have a new found respect for her and her comedy- she's funny! Pictured on the left is the photo I took of her and the two directors (Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg) after the screening. And by the way, Morgan Spurlock (from Supersize Me) was sitting two rows in front of us.

Below are brief descriptions and grades of the films we saw.

Joan Rivers-A Piece Of Work A-
The surprising life of a hardworking, legendary comedian and pop icon who has paved the way for many female comedians. Contrary to popular belief she is more than a "plastic surgery freak" and I have to admit that it broke my heart when she said that no one has ever told her she was beautiful.

Bass Ackwards B+
The title of this film is terrible and because of that I was afraid that this film might suck. But despite the title it really won me over, a charming film about a lost soul who travels across America in a beat up 76 Volkswagen van. It's essentially the misadventures of a misfit, each town he stops in he learns a new lesson even though it's not always obvious. I think that you can find this film on YouTube right now or sometime in the very near future.

The Art of Drowning (short film) D-
This short was bad and the volume was up way too loud. Very forgettable considering I can still remember all of the shorts I saw last year and how remarkable they were.

Daddy Longlegs C+
I liked this film even though it was a little frustrating at times. Imagine Kramer from Seinfeld, slightly retarded, struggling to save himself from himself and is a divorced father of two young boys. He has custody of the boys for two weeks and in that time they are nearly kicked out of school, abandoned for hours at a time and nearly killed... That's the film in a nutshell. Pictured are the three main actresses from Daddy Longlegs (from left to right): Dakota Goldhor, Eleonore Hendricks & Leah Singer.

Mother & Child B+
This movie has already been bought and didn't feel like a true Sundance film. However, it was very good and what RW calls "a chick flick"... maybe so but this one should do very well in the female 30-50 demographic and guys who dig chick flicks (like me).

The Imperalists Are Still Alive B+
A beautiful, stylish and poetic film about a multicultural visual artist and her life, love and post 9/11 paranoia in New York. Pictured below is director Zeina Durra.

8: The Mormon Proposition B
Shame on the Mormon church. As a former Mormon myself I was appalled by the great lengths the church has gone to to ostracize the gay and lesbian community. Despicable!

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