Sunday, March 14, 2010

Timeless Sound Ageless Beauty (Music Review)

First Impression Music Review
Sade - Solider of Love B+
A Sade album is like a box of chocolates, you always know what you're going to get and that isn't a bad thing. Especially when you only get to savior those chocolates every few years.

Soldier of Love is a progression in Sade's musical catalog yet it's not a big stretch from previous albums. Maybe it's the long gaps between albums but her music always feels as fresh as a warm day in the dead of winter.

Homegirl always has the most seductive beats layered with confessional, heartfelt lyrics and you can always count of a few tracks so tight that they jump out of your speakers.

Even though it came out last December, the single "Soldier of Love" might be the best single of 2010 so far. Other recommended tracks include "Babyfather" and "Morning Bird".

My Top 3 Sade Albums
1. Stronger than Pride
2. Love Deluxe
3. Soldier of Love

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