Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good vs Evil in the Garden of Kim (Book Review)

Lucifer at the Starlite by Kim Addonizio B-
Publication Date: August 2009

The first time I saw/heard Kim Addonizio read poetry it blew me away.  She was unlike anything I had experienced before.  Her writing was brash, sexy, raw, and 100% unpretentious.  Furthermore, she delivered it with style and verve that indicated she lived it, been there and done that.  I remember thinking at the time, "this woman should be as popular as any female singer who has ever written a hit love song."

After that, I read more of her work, bought a couple of her books, corresponded (once) via email, and I even bought her hybrid music-poetry CD, Swearing, Smoking, Drinking, & Kissing. She is a tremendous talent. However, I did not think this collection lived up to its full potential. Lucifer at the Starlite definitely has its moments, but overall it didn't consistently grab me and pull me in.

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