Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biracial in the USA & the Dubstepper (Music Review)

First Impression Reviews
Lenny Kravitz- Black and White America C+
Release Date: August 2011
Black and White America is an ambitious and admirable musical statement.  But unfortunately this retro hodge-podge of funk, soul and rock feels a tad overdone.  For every great song (Come On Get It), there's an equally disappointing one (Dream), and lots of songs that I will either like or loathe after more listens.  This one is catchy enough to be a commercial success, but ranks somewhere in the middle of his catalog of music. Favorite Tracks: Come On Get It, Black and White America (Acoustic Version), Superlove       

James Blake - James Blake B
Release Date: February 2011
It has taken a while to digest this one.  Initially, it struck me as more interesting than good.  But this much-ballyhooed, blue-eyed soul dubstep album is beginning to grow roots and plant its self inside my head.  Trippy, yet sensitive...  Favorite tracks: I Never Learnt To Share, Lindisfarne I, Unluck  

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