Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas - Movie Review

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (R) 90 minutes D-
Dumb, and almost fun

Starring Kal Penn, John Cho, Neil Patrick Harris, Danny Trejo, Isabella Gielniak, Elias Koteas and Richard Riehle

If you simply take A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas for what it is - a stupid, juvenile, stoner comedy...  It's not horrible.  But unless you're a fan of the aforementioned genre, don't waste your time.  Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was a fresh idea in 2004, Escape from Guantanamo Bay in 2008 was silly but permissible, and this latest installment jumps the shark. 

It isn't so much that it's offensive, it's just dumb and unfunny.  It's like the joke is on the audience for paying money to watch it.  John Cho and Kal Penn can do better.  Neil Patrick Harris (NPH), on the other hand, is the only performance worthwhile here. 

Skip A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and rent one of these stoner comedies instead:  The Wackness (2008), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Friday (1995) or Dazed and Confused (1993).

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