Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Rising Star at the Walnut ( A Concert Review)

Sarah Jarosz w/ Patrick Dethlefs @ The Walnut Room, July 25th 2012  B

A couple of friends, whose musical taste I trust, turned me on to Sarah Jarosz.  After seeing her live, I didn't have that overwhelming urge to rush out and buy her CD.  However, I was highly impressed and thoroughly entertained by her musical prowess.  The Grammy nominated 21 year-old plays a variety of instruments that include; banjo, guitar, octave mandolin and mandolin.  I expect to hear her name a lot in the coming years.  

As for her opener, Patrick Dethlef, he had a solid set.  With just his witty stage presence and an acoustic guitar, Dethlef sang pretty songs that the crowd loved, but were too safe for my liking.  Nevertheless, he too put on a good show, and is worth checking out if you get a chance.      

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