Friday, December 6, 2013

It's His Vibe (Concert Review)

Jeff Tweedy @ Paramount Theatre 12/5/13 B-

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (YHF) is one of the greatest albums of all time.  Jeff Tweedy's solo concert at Denver's Gothic Theatre in 2006 was one of the ten best concerts I have ever seen. Yet, my love for Wilco has faded over the last seven or eight years. A Ghost is Born, Sky Blue Sky, Wilco (The Album), all failed to conjure up earlier mystic.  Maybe it was because they became super popular after YHF, or maybe because of my own musical shift...?  Whatever the reason, It wasn't until 2011's The Whole Love that Wilco popped up on my radar again.  A solo acoustic Jeff Tweedy show seemed like the perfect shot in the arm to motivate me to dig out all my Wilco cds and give them a spin.  But, Thursday's show wasn't a "play the hits" kind of deal... Tweedy played a very casual, very talky show that played well to the KBCO types and the hardcore Tweedy fans.  Since I no longer belong to either subset (I still think the guy is a brilliant singer-song writer), I have to confess I was a little disappointed.  It's lame to admit, but I hoping to hear more of the songs I love- "She's A Jar," "Sunken Treasure," "Misunderstood," "Acuff-Rose," "I Must Be High," "Reservations," etc... Instead, the set-list looked something like this:
* Denotes my favorites
1. Someday Some Morning Sometime (Woody Guthrie cover)
2. Laminated Cat (Loose Fur song)
3. Ashes of American Flags (Wilco song)*
4. One Sunday Morning (Wilco song)
5. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (Wilco song)
6. One Wing (Wilco song)
7. Pecan Pie (Golden Smog song)
8. Remember the Mountain Bed (Woody Gutherie)
 9. Long Time Ago (Golden Smog song)
10. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard (Wilco song)
11. Jesus, Etc. (Wilco song)* 
12. Born Alone (Wilco song)
13. You Are Not Alone (Written by Tweedy for Mavis Staples)*
14. The Ruling Class (Loose Fur song)
15. New Madrid (Uncle Tupelo song)
16. Box Full of Letters (Wilco song)
17. California Stars (Written by Woody Guthrie)
18. So Much Wine (The Handsome Family cover)
19. Passenger Side (Wilco song)
20. Nothing Up My Sleeve (Wilco song)
21. I'm the Man Who Loves You (Wilco song)*
22. A Shot in the Arm (Wilco song)

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