Monday, March 24, 2014

Sea Change Part II (Music Review)

Released Feb 2014
Morning Phase - Beck B+

Morning Phase is Beck's first studio album since 2008's Modern Guilt, and is billed as a companion piece to 2002's achingly melancholy Sea Change.  Personally, I really liked Sea Change because at the time it was a radical change in direction in Becks music and his life - a break up (I have always been a sucker for the "break up" album).  Morning Phase has nothing to do with a break up, that I know of, and ultimately it might be a better album than Sea Change because it's more consistent from beginning to end. But regardless of which is better, both albums cover similar terrain and both are delightful in that quiet, moody, introspective kind of way.  My favorite tracks include: "Country Down," "Blackbird Chain," "Unforgiven,"and "Say Goodbye." 

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