Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stains of Despair (Music Review)

Released Feb. 2014
Angel Guts: Red Classroom - Xui Xui B

Xui Xui's latest album, Angel Guts: Red Classroom is the best horror film soundtrack that's not really a horror film soundtrack.  Frontman and songwriter Jamie Stewart is absolutely unapologetic for his doom and gloom, his isolation, and his suicidal thoughts.  On Angel Guts, perhaps their most abrasive album yet, Xui Xui ups the scariness, despair and loneliness.  The beauty is that it feels real, not manufactured.  The albums was inspired by a 1979 Japanese porno of the same name.  My favorite tracks include: "Lawrence Liquors," "Black Dick," "New Life Immigration," "Bitter Melon," and "Botanica de Los Angeles."

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