Thursday, August 28, 2014

All My Friends & Lovers (Book Review)

Originally Published: 1986
The Ballad of Sexual Dependency - Nan Goldin B+ 
The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is Nan Goldin's most seminal work. This visual dairy chronicles the life and times of her friends and lovers (i.e. her "tribe") spanning from the late 70s to the mid 80s. These photographs are not glamorous, they are real life... warts and all. I can see why many consider this a classic. The photos lingered with me long after I closed the book. Each time I re-examine the pages I find something I didn't see before. The good times, the bad, the longing, and the introspection are uniquely captured here. Reading about Goldin's life and the story behind the photographs add fascinating depth and perspective. This is very interesting work indeed.

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