Sunday, August 3, 2014

Antagonistic World Peace May Not Be For Everyone (Album Review)

Released: July 2014 
World Peace is None of Your Business - Morrissey B
Misery Loves Company

The more I listen to World Peace is None of Your Business, the more I like the tracks that initially didn't catch my ear. This latest offering from Moz is a hard listen. It's an album that will surely satisfy Moz's core fans, but may or may not convert new listeners. World Peace, his first album in five years, is antagonistic. On the track, "I'm Not a Man," Moz challenges macho stereotypes and delivers the most memorable barb on an album full of memorable barbs - "wolf down, wolf down, T-bone steak, wolf down cancer of the prostate." Track seven, "The Bullfighter Dies," is a short but rousing animal lover's anthem that's sure to please diehard fans. As will the album's second single, "Istanbul," which finds Moz sounding virile and vital on the album's most confident track.

After repeated listens, "Neal Cassady Drops Dead" and "Kiss Me A Lot" may not to have the staying power I initially thought. That's also the case with the flamenco-flavored "Earth is the Loneliest Plant," where our good looking man about town croons, "humans are not really very humane."

Nonetheless, World Peace is more enjoyable than 2009's Years of Refusal. Years is my least favorite Moz solo album and ironically the album Moz claimed to be most proud of in 2011. While World Peace isn't a homerun, it's a solid effort worth listening to. At 55 years of age, Moz is still making interesting and important music. Misery rarely sounds this lovely and sincere.

Favorite tracks include: "I'm Not a Man," "Istanbul," "The Bullfighter Dies," "Kick the Bride Down the Aisle," and "Oboe Concerto."

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