Friday, December 19, 2014

Gimmie Something Great Mr. Adams (Album Review)

Released: September 2014
Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams B-

Initially, I listened to this album while multitasking - email, laundry, cleaning, etc... After one not-so-attentive listen I generally thought the album was good, not great. It's mainstream Ryan Adams, which means it will appeal to the masses and leave me (who prefers Adams a little less subdued) torn. A couple of days later I re-visited the album, listened to it multiple times and gave it my undivided attention. My feelings didn't change- good album, not great.

This, his 14th solo album, feels surprisingly 1980ish with mixed results. During the first six or seven spins the album had a very bonfire, beer drinking, open-air, retro coolness- the kind of album someone might have cranked from their car stereo back in the day while a bunch of dudes (and a few hotties) stood around a smoky blaze drinking their sorrows away and back again. This self-titled, self-produced album sounds like a soundtrack for those times. Most of the songs are catchy and introspective; however, they just don't wear well after repeated listenings. Having been a Ryan Adams fan for as long as I have, I know he can sh*t out albums like this anytime. I guess I was hoping for something that was more III/IV and less Easy Tiger.

Favorite tracks: Gimme Something Good, Am I Safe and Tired of Giving Up

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