Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Young Tells a Story and Changes His Tone (Album Review)

Released: Nov 2014
Storytone - Neil Young B

Neil Young has quietly released one of the most sentimental and understated albums of the year. A deluxe two-disc set featuring a 92-piece orchestra and choir on one disc, and a stripped down solo version of the same songs on the other. Speaking mostly of the stripped down solo disc, these songs feels strikingly genuine and intimate. Rolling Stone music critic will Hermes wrote, " Neil Young's only style is doing what he wants, with zero fucks given about anyone's co-sign." Hermes is spot on in his assessment and I can't help but feel that sentiment shining through as I listen to Storytone.

Favorite tracks: Plastic Flowers (Solo), Who’s Gonna Stand Up (Solo), I Want To Drive My Car (Solo), Tumbleweed (Solo) and I’m Glad I Found You (Solo).

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