Saturday, April 30, 2016

Everybody Wants Some - Movie Review

Everybody Wants Some (R) 117 minutes C

Starring: Zoey Deutch, Tyler Hoechlin, Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman and J. Quinton Johnson

Everybody Wants Some is the latest film by acclaimed filmmaker Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, Boyhood). Linklater has been creating noteworthy cinema since the early 90s. His two previous films, 2014's Boyhood and 2013's Before Sunset, are among the most powerful coming of middle-age films of the last decade. When I heard about Everybody Wants Some during the Sundance Film Festival last January, I was anxious to see how he would follow-up Boyhood, the film ranked as the most acclaimed film of the 21st century (so far).

Everybody Wants Some isn't terrible; but, I was afraid it might be for the first 50 minutes or so. The first half of the film felt aimless and watered down- your run-of-the-mill boys will be boys 1980s comedy. But, the second half of the film rebounded as the characters became slightly more engaging and a meaning male/female relationship developed. One word to describe this effort is "cute," some might find it "nostalgic." I think it's a watered down, carefree b-side release that's mildly entertaining, especially when you consider his last two achievements in film.

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