Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Night of the Gun - Book Review

Published August 2008
The Night of the Gun - David Carr  C+

Some addiction memoirs read like fiction. This one, not so much. David Carr's life was certainly tumultuous and slightly blurred. The Night of the Gun unabashedly recounts his life story via his own investigative reporting. Carr interviewed friends, family, colleagues and drug buddies. The book includes photographs, legal documents and police reports, all in an effort to get the story straight. The Night of the Gun is an admirable effort; but, it got old fast. There were interesting and revealing moments (Tom Arnold selling info to the National Enquirer), and moments that made me want to know more (Jayson Blair's plagiarism). But, first and foremost this is a story about addiction. I was hoping for more insight on his journalistic career and journalism in general.

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