Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Depression

Today was an emotional roller coaster. I was feeling sorry for myself, pensive and questioning my every thought. I felt insignificant and invisible.

At lunch I decided to buy a pick me up. I bought Whiskeytown- Pneumonia, their much acclaimed final album. I absolutely love Faithless Street and Stranger's Almanac, and Pneumonia completes the Whiskeytown discography. Sit & Listen to the Rain is my favorite track right now but that will probably change after a few more listens.

After work I met up with the boys for a round of golf. As soon as I got there Mike handed me a cold beer and all the day's stress was forgotten. It was so nice to be with good friends, playing golf and having a couple cold ones. Sometimes I lose focus of all the small victories when my head is so full of negativity.

I'll never be Cheerful Chuck, Positive Pete or Happy Harry, but I suppose I should stop and smell the roses more often.

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