Friday, October 3, 2008

Sister I'm A Poet

Here's a poem I originally wrote 7 or 8 months ago...

by C. Pierce

I lied.
No one knew that I was such an addict.
She was invisible, I was transparent.
Her black hair smelled like night.

Tattoos, smokes, condoms, and gum
All for free.
The air tasted like her when she moved.
Drive! She said, lets go!

My hands gripped the steering wheel
Tight; palms sweaty.
Neon light, broken beer bottles;
Vacancy, sinners welcomed.

Black men like me and not like me.
His tented windows and white sneakers
Said something I couldn’t understand.
3 a.m. I sat there raw and naked.

Evening fire smoldered in morning sheets,
Strung out, scattered and morally unrestrained.
I questioned the empty closet,
Then looked at her and made a wish.

Soon I will be myself again,
She will be a film that plays repeatedly.
My reintroduction to guilt, shame, and remorse.
A secret life of crime and passion.

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