Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl (A Music Review)

First Impression Music Review
Freedy Johnston - Rain on the City B

I listened to this album nonstop while Denver had an abundance on snow on the city. It put me in just the right mindset for this newest offering of bittersweet songs from one of my favorite artists of all time.

At first the album felt like a long overdue piece of work that was slightly over polished and over thought, but after a few more spins the songs stuck and became inescapable from my doom. I hum them, I sing them out loud and I sing them to myself.

Johnston is such a great storyteller, the lyrics along with his genuine spirit elevate the songs I was initially unsure of and convinced me that what you cannot see you cannot fight.

Favorite tracks - "Lonely Penny", "Rain on the City", "Venus is Her Name", "What You Cannot See, You Cannot Fight"

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