Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Due Date - Movie Review

Due Date (R) 100 minutes D
Sour & Expired

Starring Michelle Monaghan, Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Juliette Lewis, Danny McBride and Jamie Foxx

How could I have known that Due Date would be this disappointing? It has good actors (Downey, Galifianakis) and a good Director in Todd Phillips (Old School, Road Trip and The Hangover). But perhaps all this talent is the reason Due Date has expired. It feels like a film trying too hard and settling for the cheap laugh. Essentially it's nothing more than mindless filler until Phillip's next commercial smash, 2011's The Hangover II.

Despite a few laughs here and there the film relies heavily on the tireless shtick between Downey and Galifianakis. It's a two man show that unfortunately doesn't have enough cameos like those by Danny McBride (butt kicking disabled Vet) and Juliette Lewis (weed dealer).

At the Atlanta airport our two main characters meet, Downey is a polished, rageaholic architect heading to L.A. to be with his pregnant wife. While Galifianakis is a socially inept buffoon with Hollywood dreams. Somehow the two find themselves on the no-fly list after a string of chance encounters and inappropriate interactions at the airport/on the plane. Soon, all they have is each other and a due date to get back to L.A.

What ensues is sometimes funny but mostly stupid. The film gets worse as it goes along and by the end this odd couple, buddy comedy derails into forgettable fodder.

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Jona Jones said...

Glad I read this review. I normally love Robert Downey Jr. Generally, he picks films that are centered on a multi-dimensional character with strong positive charater traits/flaws. I find his acting mesmerizing, as he is usually capable of bringing most characters to life with imaginative and bold choices. A good script is a must. An actor can only save a screenwriter's butt for so long---the same thing goes for a bad director. It is at times difficult to pinpoint where a film goes wrong, as all the elements should lead to a decent outcome(Films that should work, but just don't.) I will probably catch this on video. Thanks for the heads up.