Friday, January 28, 2011

MGM's Sundance 2011 Wrap-up

Here's what we saw:

The Off Hours (93 minutes) A
Francine has no family, few friends and empty sex. The Off Hours is a powerful and moving film about the mundane life of a small town waitress and other lost souls who would rather exist than live life.

Another Happy Day (115 minutes) B+
A well executed melodrama about a family with LOTS of baggage and self destructive behavior. Stars Ellen Barkin, Demi Moore, Kate Bosworth and Thomas Haden Church. Dysfunction Junction.

Another Earth (92 minutes) A+
Director Mike Cahill brings us a truly original film about love, death, space and isolation. An out of this world experience.

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (76 minutes) B-
Low budget, fun and campy. I wouldn't be surprised if this one goes on to become a cult classic.

Meek's Cutoff (104 minutes) D-
I didn't get it and didn't care. Stars Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Shirley Henderson; good actors, bad film.

Little Birds (94 minutes) B+
A gritty look at a couple of small town teenagers who run off to LA and get caught up in a teenage wasteland

The Details (91 minutes) A-
Initially I felt like I'd seen this film before, another clever portrayal of a marriage gone wild. But this sad and funny meditation of domestic dysfunction lingered for days after seeing it.

Short Films (Shorts Program II)

Sexting (8 minutes) A-

Babyland (28 minutes) A

Blokes (15 minutes) B

We're Leaving (13 minutes) B

The Wind is Blowing on My Street (15 minutes) B

Brick Novax, Part 1 (8 minutes) A+

Brick Novax, Part 2 (8 minutes) A+

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