Thursday, October 17, 2013

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Book Review)

Published July 2013
The Rest of Us - Jessica Lott B-

I heard about Jessica Lott's debut novel, The Rest of Us, on NPR. It appealed to me because the two main characters, a budding photographer and a well-respected poet, were entangled in what I hoped would be a unique and artistic story about second chances. At times, I was completely captivated by this first-person account of longing, friendship, photography and love. But, I also got a little frustrated when the side plots (like Rhinehart's Ukrainian family history) would break the novel's momentum.  I found myself hurrying through pages to get to the parts I liked most- the friends, the lovers, the photography and the ex-wife. The ending wasn't particularly original, yet it was one I didn't expect. I enjoyed The Rest of Us; the characters are likable, smart and well-written. However, overall, the novel didn't quite win me over like I hoped it might.

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