Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dream Big, Be Epic (Album Reviews)

Teeth Dreams - The Hold Steady B+
Epic - Sharon Van Etten A-                                                                              
Released: March 2014
Dare I say that Teeth Dreams is the best Hold Steady album yet... Well, I should probably revisit 2006's Boys and Girls in America before making that declaration.  But, the first couple times I listened to Teeth Dreams I was pretty blown away.  It's everything I love about The Hold Steady- gritty, smart, catchy, sensitive and a little geeky.  Plus, this album rocks out with its cock out.  It's alt radio ready with a tingle of arena rock thrown in.  Regardless of whether this is or isn't their best album, it's sounds great right here, right now.  Favorite Tracks: "The Ambassador," "On with the Business," & "I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You" 

Released: September 2010 
Sometimes I hear an album and right away I know it's special.  That was the case with Sharon Van Etten's Epic.  Quietly, acoustically, and passionately this album penetrates and stays with me long after it's over.
Favorite Tracks: "A Crime," "Peace Signs," "Save Yourself," & "Don't Do It"

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