Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Blood Jet is Ariel (Book Review)

Published: 1965
Ariel - Sylvia Plath B+

During the last few months of her life Sylvia Plath wrote poems at a frantic pace, in a cold apartment (with no heat in the dead of winter), after her husband, Ted Hughes, reportedly abandoned her and the children for another woman. On February 11, 1963 Plath killed herself. Ariel is the poetry collection that best defines Plath. Not because it is depressing and angry, but because it is graceful, vivid and untamed. She was a remarkable talent and one of my biggest influences. Favorites include: "The Applicant," "A Birthday Present," "You're" and "Fever 103." 
"Daddy" from Ariel read by Sylvia Plath

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