Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Because we don't look like you

I haven't done much writing today so I thought I'd spew a few words before I crawl into bed and read for awhile.

Yesterday I made a rare appearance at the gym. I went around 6pm and the place was packed full of people. I had to alter my workout, but it didn't matter because everything on this body needs work. As I was sitting at the chest press machine, I noticed a big girl doing dumbbell flies in front of the mirror. She was caucasian, about 5'5, 200+ lbs, and definitely the minority among a crowd of skinny to midsized sweaty people.

She didn't appear to be there with anyone that I noticed, and she seemed very focus on her arm curls, dumbbell flies, or whatever she was doing. I wondered if she was nervous or felt uncomfortable. From my distant view she seemed fine. Watching her reminded me of all the times I have been the minority, or as my friend Brian says... "the terd in the punchbowl".

I thought about all the concerts I have been too where I was the only brown face (excluding security and staff), and all the awkward dinners and gatherings I've attended where I was the terd in the punchbowl. Some of those occasions were uncomfortable, but for the most part, as long as I'm with my friends it doesn't matter.

I like seeing big girls at the gym. For some women/men who are overweight, I would imagine that going to a crowded gym is not always comfortable. Hell, I'm 5'10 193 (lbs) and most of the time I don't feel comfortable at the gym. Those of you that know me, know that I love an underdog. That girl at the gym yesterday was an underdog... at least in my eyes.

I'm not saying just because she's fat, she has low self esteem or shouldn't be at the gym during peak hours. I'm saying that I know people that wouldn't have the confidence to be there when she was there... and more power to her! Just like I know some black folks that wouldn't go to a concert or certain social events if they knew they would be the only brown face in the crowd (and stand out like a terd in a punchbowl).

In other news, last night (after the gym) I attempted to duplicate Hooter's buffalo style shrimp. I even marinated the shrimp in Frank's Red Hot Sauce for 24 hours prior. Long story short, the shrimp were no where near as good as Hooters... but they were edible. Instead of deep frying them I tried a healthy alternative and oven fried (baked) them.

I also wanted to run a few potential band names and album titles by you guys. The following is a list of band names and/or album titles I've come up with over the years (I realize some of these stink).

The Onion Tears
The Rusted Handle
Penetration Park
Saddie's Hammer
Black boy standing at the edge of the world
New Mexico

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Anonymous said...

So, "Meatbats" is no longer cool?