Friday, June 29, 2007

35 on the Rail (a rambling mind)

Right now I have The Smiths- Louder than Bombs, Ryan Adams- Easy Tiger, and Pete Yorn- Music for the morning after in my cd player (on shuffle). Perfect music for a pensive Friday night. I've been sleepy and dilatory all day.

My 35 birthday is quickly approaching, and it has led me to ask myself the journalistic mantra: Who What When Where Why How?

The Who... I guess that's me. The What... another year past, another year approaches. Now until the end, The What is everything in between. The When... when I get it together, get strong, get it right. The Where... where ever I'm at there I am. The Why... because I love it, I hate it, because it's not how I thought it would be. It is all my fault. The How... the burning question that I have yet to answer.

Why are people lined up outside the Apple Store to buy a $600 piece of shit? I'm sorry, but I don't understand the appeal. Well, not for $600 anyway. I see the price of gas going up, foreclosures are at an all time high, people can't afford health care, food for their kids, etc... But hundreds of people are lined up to buy a $600 gadget that will be $400 next year, and $300 the year after that... and knock offs will be even cheaper.

Sometimes I wonder where all this money is coming from and how people are getting it. I assume that some people don't ever go out or have a social life, the trade off is that they have bigger and nicer "things". Hey, who am I too judge. I'll nickle and dime myself poor, eat myself into a coma, and will only have a cool collection of books and cd's to show for it.

It is so scary how life can just change at a moments notice. One minute your fine, the next minute everything has changed.

"These girls are better off in my head" - Ryan Adams

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