Sunday, September 23, 2007

Denver Broncos and Fantasy Football

Earlier in the week I had Jacksonville beating the Broncos in over half of my football pools. But at the last minute I changed most of those picks because the more I thought about it, the more I thought the Broncos would win.

Initially, I figured the Broncos were lucky to have won their first two games. After two hard fought and thrilling victories over two less than average teams, I thought the Broncos would either a.) have a let down or b.) Get exposed and beat down because their not as good as their 2-0 record.

But as the week went on I started thinking that maybe these close games were building character, motivating them to work harder, or maybe after a tragic and unlucky off season they were becoming a team of destiny.

Well... judging from today's game they don't appear to be a team of destiny. I'm not pushing the panic button yet, but I fear that this loss to Jacksonville is a sign of things to come. Luckily the Chargers loss to the overachieving Packers today.

I love the Broncos D-Line and Secondary, but the LB's are weak, and the offense seems to be missing that killer instinct (despite their ability to move the ball). Cutler has been good so far, but not without growing pains. The good thing is, this team should be dangerous in the years to come, but right now I think we're going to have to take our lumps and hope we can win the games we're suppose to win (like today's game).

I'm in the hunt in most of my football pools, and Jason continues to own me head to head in Fantasy Football. Everything rides on tonight's match up (Cowboys vs Bears), but Jason (aka Zone Dogs) has Romo and TO... while I'm bring Rex Grossman off the bench to replace a banged up Marc Bulger. Jason and I faced each other in the Fantasy Football Superbowl last year, with Jason coming out victorious in a super blowout. This year I have another blue collar, under the radar type team and like the Broncos I'll have to take my lumps and hope that I can win the games I'm suppose to win (which will hopefully catapult me into the playoffs and beyond).

"Running is an unnatural act, except from enemies and to the bathroom."

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