Friday, September 26, 2008

Walking Away With Dignity

Juliana Hatfield - How To Walk Away B

At first listen I missed the old Juliana... the angst, the guitars, the self loathing. Replaced by Sheryl Crow type melodies and a gentler (perhaps more mature) vibe, Hatfield explores the nature of loving, leaving, and stagnation. Check out these lyrics from the song My Baby,
"He used to look into my eyes and talk to me/now we just have sex and watch TV /and when he touches my body/there's something off with the chemistry"

Some of the best tracks on this album sound like the greatest songs Sheryl Crow never wrote (see Just Lust and Now I'm Gone). Hatfield doesn't always sound like herself here, but relationships, life, and love sometimes changes a person... we walk away a different person than we started out being.

Currently my favorite tracks are --> My Baby and Such A Beautiful Girl

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